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April 9th, 2009


Privacy Policy

The FSRC is a community supported service, All personal information required to send a request is destroyed after a request has been sent.

We do not store, track, resell or release any personal information to ANY third party under any circumstances.

FSRCanada  -  Box 27005,  75 Dundas St.,  Cambridge, ON  N1R 8H1


The FSRCanada is OPEN!!!


Well... Officially it will open on April 13, which is the first day that any mail could possibly arrive here, or a request be sent out. But since I will be with family on the Easter holiday, I have uploaded the site early.


The site is smaller for now, and less accommodating than it was, but changes had to be made due to time constraints, and print availabilities. Want the site to improve and grow?

Donate your prints and make use of the various sponsors and advertisements you will see posted on the site. This will help to support our efforts.


More to come…